Settling down in your new home is one of the most rewarding feelings that there can be. You’ve gone through the process of selling the old one, closing on the new one and going through everything you own. Some stuff has had to be thrown out – you’ve accepted that you don’t NEED that beer can hat anymore. You’ve taken the remainder across town in boxes, set everything up at the new place and now you can relax. Can’t you?

When it comes to completing a home move, as much as you may not want to, the last step should be a full and honest sweep. Go through each room checking that everything that needed to be brought in has been. You’ll also need to check that everything has been done so that you can settle down for the evening, the week, the future. You may not want to do any more work at all at this stage. But this is the final push.

1. Has Everything Been Brought Over From The Old Place?

If you value your sanity on a house move, then you will want to make sure you have not left yourself with any loose ends. Before you even pack, make a master list of everything you’re bringing al

ong with which room it should go in. Once you’re moved in, check the list again. You really don’t want to have to go back for items – especially if you’re moving interstate! The sooner you know about anything, the better.

2. Are All Appliances Working As They Should Be?

Whether you’ve brought the old washing machine and dryer over with you, or you’ve bought brand new, it’s important to check. Particularly for items that need installation and plumbing in, this is essential. Although every effort is taken to guarantee their safety, items still can get damaged in transit. Knowing that they are working fine is important before settling in.

3. Has Anything Been Damaged In The House?

When you take furniture, ornaments, appliances and other bulky items from one house to a van and into another house, it takes a while. It also takes a lot of energy and precision, and can lead to some parts of the job being rushed. Sometimes it is only days later that you see a gouge in a door, or a scratch on a solid wood floor. Go around the house and check for these after everything has been moved in. The sooner they can be fixed, the better.

The final sweep may seem like a pettifogging delay right at the point where you want to really enjoy the new house you’ve spent so long preparing for. But as long as you’re sharp about it, it can be over with in a very short time. Then you get to relax in a new home that’s ready to be lived in for years and even decades to come. And you won’t be spending the next six months wondering what happened to that small bookcase!