After a busy day, is there anything nicer than coming home and soaking in the bath? Hot water to relieve tense muscles, pampering products to clean and nourish your skin and a few moments of calm and quiet to collect your thoughts. Absolute bliss. But there’s nothing that will bring you back to earth quicker than looking around and seeing that your bathroom is looking worse for wear. It could be a chipped tile, manky grout or a shower curtain that’s seen better days. All of the little things add up and can well and truly ruin the ambience of a lovely relaxing bath. If you’re wanting to upgrade and bring a bit of spa-like luxury to your bathroom, here are a few ways you could go about it.

Floor Coverings

Have a look at your current flooring, what kind of condition is it in? Have you inherited things like peeling vinyl, dodgy warped laminates or smelly carpet from previous tenants or homeowners? Now is the time to put that right. Stepping out of the bath onto a gorgeous floor covering can bring a whole lot of luxury. Since the bathroom is so small, you could push the boat out and go with something great quality. You could opt for something like stone, ceramic or even marble for a stunning high end look and feel.

Underfloor Heating

Before laying your new flooring, consider having underfloor heating fitted. A fantastic way to keep warm, and bring a sumptuousness to the bathroom which can sometimes feel cold and stark. You’re looking at between $100-$130 dollars per square metre so it’s certainly not cheap. But again with bathrooms being generally small spaces, it could be something worth saving for. Not all floor coverings can be used with underfloor heating, so make sure you check before buying expensive tiles if you have this fitted.

New Tiles

A bathroom that is tiled from top to toe will always look best, and give a really clean and fresh look to the room. Unlike wallpaper that can peel off or paint that can become mouldy in a steamy bathroom, tiles are practical as well as good looking. Choosing a simple design means they won’t look dated in a few years, a clean white or light neutral is a good choice.

A Stunning Vanity

If you spend mornings fighting over the sink with your partner, a double sink is a useful choice. It gives you both access which is handy if you only have the one bathroom, and looks impressive too. Browse a site like Unique Vanities where you can see everything from modern to traditional all in one place. A good vanity will also give you plenty of storage, which is always useful in small bathroom areas.

A Roll Top Bath

Can you get any more luxurious than a beautiful roll top bath? One quick way to bring class and elegance to your bathroom. Finish with high quality fixtures such as taps and handles to really bring the entire look together.