Any space that you have in your home should always be taken advantage of. That’s why if you’ve got a spare room in your home that’s only rarely used when guests come to stay, it’s time to make the most of the space. Having an extra space in your home is a luxury that many homeowners dream of having. So you really should turn it into a space that you and your family love and use on a regular basis.

The good news is that there is a lot that you can do with a spare room. What you choose to do with the space, however, depends on what you and your family want and need it for. To help you create a space that is not only somewhere that you and your family will love, but is also practical, below are some ideas and suggestions. Hopefully, these will give you the inspiration that you need to transform the space.

Create a cinema room

If you and your family love watching movies, a cinema room could be the perfect way to use your spare space. These types of spaces are becoming more and more popular, with many homes now having them built in. Just think, you and your family could spend your evenings curled up together watching movies and having a laugh. The great thing about a movie room is that it’s fairly easy to create. All you need is a large TV, a surround sound system, and some comfortable seating, and you can create a fantastic cinema room. Instead of using sofas for seating, bean bag chairs could be a better option. You can find out more from Sack Daddy about these, as well as from other bean bag sites. The most important thing is to make your cinema room as comfortable and cozy as possible.

Transform it into a quiet space

Family homes can be hectic places and sometimes it can be a struggle to get a moment to yourself. So how about transforming your spare room into a quiet space where you and your little ones can relax and unwind in peace. This could be a space with lots of floor cushions and blankets. It could also have books, a CD player, and a selection of coloring materials for helping you and your kids to relax and unwind. This should be a space that’s easy to create; it’s just a case of selecting the perfect color scheme for it. Ideally, it’s a good idea to opt for pastel hues or natural colors, as these tend to be the most calming. If you’re going to add a scent to the space, lavender would be ideal.

Design a playroom

If you have young children, how about using your spare room as a playroom. The great thing about creating a playroom is that by doing so, you can help to keep your home tidier. Instead of dragging their toys all around the house, your children will have a dedicated space to play to their heart’s content. The most important thing when creating a playroom is to design a space that is child-friendly. This means using wipeable paint, opting for easy-to-clean furniture, and flooring that doesn’t stain.

These are just a few suggestions for making the most of your spare room. There are also plenty of other things that you could do with the space; it’s just a case of picking an idea that’s practical and will get a lot of use.