Decorating a new house can be fun and exciting, but it doesn’t come without stressors. Interior design often requires very careful planning to make the most of whatever space you have. You might need to make small rooms look bigger or work out a way to slot in a cabinet in an awkwardly shaped bedroom.

Everyone will go through this struggle when working out how to fix up their home. Don’t panic! It won’t help anyone. You can either just sit down yourself and figure it out or get help from experts. One way or another, you’ll find a way to save some space and get the home of your dreams.

#1. Functional furniture

Have you ever seen those tables that have chairs that fit perfectly underneath? A bit like this. These tables and chairs are perfect for any kitchen or dining area that is lacking in space. You could even get a similar style for your backyard too. Not only are these sets highly functional, but they also look good. They have a clean and streamlined aesthetic which simply adds to the minimalist feel of any room.

2. Hidden storage

Embrace your interior architect – or get the help of genuine experts – to optimise any spare space you might have. This could mean having bespoke cabinets created to fit your home like a glove. Or you may want to look into quirkier storage ideas like hollow staircases with draws and cupboards built it. It’s the easiest way to store all your books, DVDs and files if you are short on space.

3. Foldable beds

There was a bit of a craze for foldable beds a few years back and they are still equally as useful. It doesn’t need to be a naff old metal bed; these things are really chic and cool now. Have a look online for styles that you love and think about getting one installed. If your home or flat is open plan, this is the ideal way to keep your bedroom and living space fully separate (without really being separate at all)!

4. Extendable tables

An extendable table is a great addition to your kitchen or dining area even if you aren’t struggling with space, to be honest. Choose a table that seats two or four (however many needed) normally. It should be able to extend to at least double that if you go to the right place. This makes entertaining guests and hosting dinner parties so much easier for you. Not only will the night fly by seamlessly, but you also won’t be left stuck with an oversized table afterward.

5. A multi-use sofa

The most common space-saving sofa to go for is a pull-out sofa bed. This is more space creating if we’re picky here. You can find single and double super comfortable sofa beds or even pioneering bunk bed designs. It’s the stuff of the future! Another sofa idea might be to find one with hidden storage underneath the cushions. It’s a great way to tidy up messy bits that often get left out, like the kids’ toys or magazines.

Once you are happy with your inside space, move on to your garden.