When it comes to buying a home, we know that it may be one of the biggest purchases we ever make. Fast forward to when you have the keys and you can’t wait to get your hands on the place. Designing each room and thinking about your interior options. But once you have your home, and it’s just how you want it you need to ensure it is still protected. Without undoing all that hard work in making it look amazing. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some discreet ways to protect your home that won’t ruin your design.

Security cameras

Security cameras are so small and discreet these days. This means you can obtain maximum security on your property without something being too obvious. Having something visible is also a good security deterrent. While the interior and exterior cameras can offer amazing reassurance that your home is protected. You can obtain more information on this site about what options are available. Security cameras can also aid police in their investigation, so if the worse should happen, then there is evidence to back that up.

A smart alarm system

Gone are the days where a huge white alarm system is placed in your home. A lot of alarm systems can be very discreet, and some even link to your mobile phone. Making you aware of exactly when the security has been breached in your home. Some can link with motion sensors which sit high in the corners of your room. Making them less obvious to the naked eye while still offering maximum security.

Adding pets to your home

A dog shouldn’t be bought just for security reasons, but they can make excellent guards in your home. Therefore not needing anything else to be added to your interior or exterior. A dog can bark if there is anything untoward going on. A lot of the time intruders will avoid homes where there is a dog present.

Exterior design options in your fencing

Often a fence or gate is the first hurdle an intruder will need to bypass. So make this part of your design feature for your garden and add high fencing and gated access. It’s an excellent way to add another element to your design while securing your home more efficiently.

Discreet warning signs

Adding some warning stickers to your front door or windows won’t spoil any design elements of your home, but could be enough to deter an intruder. In most cases, they won’t want to take the risk. This works well if you have a dog as well, adding a warning about them. Ensuring that even when you are on vacation, that this could put people off. It’s advisable not just to rely solely on this, as there will be occasions where those warnings can be missed. Team them up with cameras or an alarm system and your home will be completely secured.

I hope this has offered ideas on how you can add better security to your home.