At the end of a long summer, it’s always nice when the weather starts cooling down again, and the chill returns to the air. It makes everything so much cozier at home, and there’s always the novelty of the change in fashion trends and home decor that a new season brings. If you’re looking to update your home in time for the fall, here are a few things to think about.

Think About Fall Fragrance

Fall scents are all about spices, vanilla, seasonal fruits and generally warm and homely fragrances. You can make your home smell like fall in a number of ways. First of all, purchase plug-in air fresheners in autumnal scents and dot these around in your home. Turn them up to the highest near entryways in living spaces to get the best effect. Have them on low in bedrooms (or turn them off in the evening) in smaller rooms so they don’t become overpowering. Reed diffusers are also a good option. They’re more subtle, but if you put them near seating areas and on desks, people will catch the gorgeous scent when they’re nearby. You could also create a ‘simmer pot’ where you put a pan of whole spices on a low boil in the kitchen, which will fill the house with scent. Use things like cinnamon sticks, star anise and cloves. You can add slices of apple and citrus fruits like orange and lemon too. This is an excellent choice for those who don’t like using too many chemicals in their home since it scents it naturally. Finally, scented candles are ideal, as you get the amazing scent as well as the pretty flickering light source.

Set The Ambience With Cozy Lighting

When you’re going to be spending more time indoors, and it gets dark more quickly in the autumn, it’s worth investing in some cozy lighting. This involves having a variety of light sources in each room so you can control the light accordingly. For example, along with your overhead light, you could have a bright lamp, a dimmer lamp a floor lamp and maybe even wall sconces. This allows you to create the perfect cozy lighting level and set a lovely ambiance in the room. If you already have a variety of light sources, you could switch out the bulbs to give you more control of the light levels.

Bring In Warm Fall Colours

Obvious choices for fall colors are things like bright red, burgundy, berry, orange and shades of warm brown. But actually, any deep and rich color is great for this time of year. Think deep greens and purples, navy blue, rich pinks. Choose some complementing shades and bring them in as your accent color. This will instantly make your room look more cozy and warm. If you’re not sure, you could consider asking an interior designer for advice.

Display Seasonal Flowers

Fresh flowers are the perfect way to bring color, texture, and interest into your home. If you’ve successfully grown flowers out in your garden this year, you could harvest some yourself. Or you could go on a woodland walk and pick a bouquet of wildflowers and grasses to display in a vase. Alternatively, you could buy some from a grocery store or a florist and treat yourself to a big bunch.