Drain blockage can be one major cause of frustration for everyone and every home owner tends to experience this at least once in their life time. As said, prevention is better than cure, and this applies even to drains. Getting the same inspected periodically can save from facing the problems related to drain blockages. There are multiple causes of a drain blockage, but the most common ones include, trees and leaves and tree roots, or Fat and grease being washed away in the sink can lead to blocking of the drain. Another cause of this problem is the falling of a foreign object down the drain or even hair being accumulated over a period of time. With the advance in technology the best way to avoid this problem is to employ the services of a company which uses CCTV for drain inspection.

Homeowners should be Aware that a CCTV Drain Inspection can Reveal

* Pipes which are misaligned.
* Pipe work and drains with a back fall that seems to have dropped.
* Tree roots which are growing into the pipes.
* Any foreign objects which are lodged in the pipes.
* Pipes which have collapsed. Pipe work which is crushed.

Top 5 Advantage of CCTV Drain Inspection

#1. Accuracy

As we are aware that the blockages in drains are excessively problematic if not tackled well in time. With the CCTV inspection you are given an accurate view which can be analyzed after being recorded. This helps in solving the problem from the core. With this inspection you have access to digital documentation and clear number of perspectives and visuals. The zoom feature helps to focus closer in recorded and live feature.

#2. Versatility and Flexibility

This drain inspection with a CCTV camera gives you a clear picture of the cause of the blockage and helps to find any missing objects which have been flushed down by mistake. Before you opt for this inspection by a specific company make sure that it has the right equipment so that the inspection is a thorough one.

#3. Cost Effective

This inspection is considered as ‘non-destructive testing’ and can be conducted without wastage of any time. This ensures there is saving on the money factor. It also assures that the pipes are intact after the inspection, which might not be so with other methods. Getting an exact picture of the conditions of the pipelines and the drains there is no wastage of time in assumptions.

#5. Clean Process

This type of inspection can be termed as a clean process as there is no requirement of any digging and excavation. In other words, the inspection costs are further brought down as there is no requirement of additional man-power and labor.

#6. Precise and Fast

Using this method of CCTV drain inspection, you not only save on the money but also on the time. In a short span of time you know what is wrong and get the same rectified so that you are saved from major problems in the future.

This inspection gives you a clear picture and helps you in solving the issue before it turns out a major one.

Before you make a choice of a specific company for CCTV drain inspection make sure of their reputation by asking for references and experience. You can also find out if the specific company is equipped with the latest technology used for this inspection. It is better to tackle this problem as soon as possible in an affordable manner. The longer you wait the more you will have to pay.