People spend at least eight hours of their day in their workplace. So it’s important that you keep your office healthy with regular maintenance. There are a lot of obvious tasks here that business owners will think of. But there are others that might not come immediately to mind.

Carpet cleaning

People underestimate how dirty carpets are. In fact, carpets are actually pretty unhygienic. They absorb so much dirt and bacteria. You might think all that vacuum cleaning would keep it clean and healthy. Not so. Ideally, carpets should be washed wall to wall every two or three months. And I’m talking at least every two or three months. It can be tricky, considering people actually have to work on that carpet! But perhaps you could work with a commercial carpet cleaning service to figure out some out-of-hours work.

Lift maintenance

Have you ever been stuck in a lift? Let me assure you: it’s no fun at all, even if you’re not claustrophobic. A lot of business owners don’t pay too much mind towards the lifts (or elevators) in their work building. Sometimes, the lifts are the responsibility of the company who owns the building itself. (This is usually a given when you’re only one company and office out of several in the same building.) But a trusty lift is essential to a workplace. You can look into the likes of lift maintenance services by Hin Chong if you want to get them checked out or need a specific problem fixed.

Trash handling

Having someone keep a close eye on the trash situation in the office is a good idea. You might be wondering what I mean by “trash situation”. Basically, you’re going to have trash locations everywhere. There are the small bins that are located around the office. Paper recycling stations are probably in similar locations. Then there are the trash and recycling spots in the kitchen that are often overlooked. If you don’t make sure these things are being used properly and emptied when it’s time, there could be hygiene problems!

Window cleaning

Don’t ask us how, exactly, but windows always seem to get dirty. But it’s not exactly something you notice. Unless there are some really obvious dirty marks on the window, you tend to forget how clean it used to be. A really clean window is almost invisible. You average office window always looks a little cloudy. Of course, the solution isn’t to get out there yourself and clean it. It’s best to hire a window cleaning company to keep yourself safe.

The general vibe

When you and your employees spend every day in that work environment, you eventually get very used to the office design. This can actually lead you to overlook a lot of faults or flaws. Paint peeling from the walls isn’t uncommon, nor are scuff marks. A general dreariness can set in if you don’t have enough color in there. You should take some time now and then to consider the general interior design. Can you make things a bit fresher? Liven things up? These sorts of changes can boost employee morale.