Perth is a wonderful city that experiences some fantastic weather, and it’s best to be prepared for such hot weather with the summer approaching. Perth’s citizens will no doubt be looking forward to relaxing on the beach, enjoying a nice cold drink in a beer garden, and taking some long strolls while the sun is shining, but it’s a good idea for people to cross a few items off their checklist to make sure the heat doesn’t become overbearing. This article will discuss eight things that all homeowners should do to be prepared for the upcoming hot season.

Making the Most of Summer

From getting a fly screen replacement in Perth to stocking up on sun cream, here’s what Perth citizens need to do in order to make the most of the summer.

1. Purchase mosquito spray – Mosquitos are a nuisance, and most people are well aware of how much it stings when they bite. It’s best to stock up on mosquito repellent spray that contains DEET.

2. Purchase or repair fly screens – On the subject of mosquitos and other unwanted creatures, homeowners might want to have fly screens repaired by visiting Most people will want to let the summer air freshen up their home, but they need to make sure pests are kept out.

3. Get some new summer clothes – Most people will be spending more time outdoors when the summer arrives, and that means now is the ideal time to stock up on new clothes.

4. Make sure to buy sun cream lotion – Everybody is aware of the risks associated with being over-exposed to UV rays, and that’s not to mention the fact that bad sunburns can sting. People need to make sure they’re protected from the sun by applying sun cream.

5. Book some time off work – There’s no better time to book a week off work than the summer. People should make sure they book that time off now to avoid disappointment.

6. It might be a good time to have the AC unit inspected – Modern AC units are highly durable, but they still need a clean from time to time to ensure they work properly. Now is a good time for people to have their AC units inspected.

7. Kit out the garden – Homeowners might want to find ways to increase their outdoor living space. Some of the best ways to do that include installing retractable awnings or erecting a large gazebo.

8. Plan a holiday – Booking time off work is one thing but making the most of that time is another. The summer provides people with the perfect opportunity to book a week or two away.

Most people look forward to the summer all year long and feel sad when it’s gone, so it’s best to prepare thoroughly to make sure this summer will be one to remember. The far from exhaustive list above should help people on their way to being prepared for the upcoming hot season.