There is a saying in the fashion world that everything comes back around. Some things do remain in their time and place (fingers crossed shoulder pads remain firmly in the 80s), but most things return.

It doesn’t just apply to fashion, either. Style only has far to go; you could perhaps even argue that all the original ideas have already been had. Home decor is ever-evolving, and eventually, it begins to circle back to where it was.

The trend for anything 50s and 60s inspired can probably be traced back to the emergence of Mad Men. The cult TV show spawned a thousand copycat retro designs, as people longed to be more Joan Harris than current catwalk queens. In time, it’s moved into decor, with retro-inspired pieces being created by designers from the very height of style to the mass market. The show may have ended, but its influence lives on.

If you don’t fancy changing your entire furniture set, then you can still make a nod back to a more innocent time with your decor choices. A few ornaments and simple changes, and you’ll be ready to sip Martini with Don Draper.

Dial Telephones

Let’s be clear, this is pretty much only ever going to be decorative. There’s a reason that rotary dial phones went out of style; they’re impractical, and we thought of better ideas. Yet there is a unique charm to them, even if you barely use your landline anymore.

You can go fully old school, or opt for the same style with a modern twist – buttons you can press rather than dial.

Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans still have their uses, they were at their height during the 60s. Air conditioning is now more affordable, but there’s still a place for moving air through your home. And that’s not to mention the style choices, which can finish a room effortlessly with a touch of class.

Neutral shades match any decor, so hunt around vintage stores or with modern manufacturers for something that fits. It’s wise to get help on installation if you’re not a DIY pro.

Bright Patterns

There’s so much you can do with retro-inspired patterns. Bright, colorful flowers and bold prints are a simple option – and you can change them out when you tire of them.

Keep the colors modern, but the patterns with a little retro twist. No one wants to go back to sludge brown and olive as a color palette – at least, not yet. But bold flowers and strong geometric shapes on cushion covers, curtains and throws can look amazing. To get the best impact, the rest of your decor should be slick, modern and unfussy. Doing this is a surefire way to make it clear you are indulging in a retro throwback, done deliberately for style elements. Go too heavy on this kind of furnishing, and it can just look like no one has updated your decor since these patterns were popular – the first time around.