If you’re looking to buy a home, chances are you’ll have a huge wish list of the things you want it to include. But when it comes down to it- what features really matter? When you’re weighing up your options, hare a few things to take into consideration.

A Nice Area

You can make modifications to the house itself, but you can’t change the area. You’re much better off buying the worst house in a good area, than the best house in a bad one. Even if a property is perfect in every way, if you know the area isn’t quite right then it’s worth reconsidering. If you crave peace and quiet, a noisy street or a home right next to a public location is bound to drive you crazy later down the line. Really scope out the area before you buy, visit at different times of day as well as at weekends to make sure you don’t end up with a nasty shock. Don’t forget to check out the local schools and parks, make sure these are the places you’d be happy for your children to attend. Another thing to consider is the views, so have a look out of all the windows in the house to make sure you’re happy with what you see outside. If for example your kitchen window looks right out at an ugly wall, could you imagine yourself staring out at it every day while you do the washing up? If your bedroom has views over factories or other not-so-pretty buildings, is this something that you’re able to live with?

Good Plumbing, Electrics and Air Conditioning

Unless you plan on doing a full renovation when you move in, good plumbing, electrics and air conditioning are essential. This is because not only will major issues be expensive to fix, but they will also require drilling holes, pulling up floorboards and going through walls which will be an additional thing to put right afterwards. Have a full survey done to make sure everything is in order before purchasing. Once you’re in your new home, a signing up to a maintenance plan through a company such as Alert air conditioning & heating will keep everything running smoothly. These are essential components in the home, and so buying a home where everything is as it should be will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

A Good Sized Garden

If a garden is one of your home’s must haves, choosing something with a suitable size is a must. This isn’t something you’re able to extend in the future, and so be sure it’s something that you’re going to be able to live with. It’s always useful buying a home with a garden that’s bigger than you think you’ll need. That way if you want to extend your house in the future or build a garden room, shed or another outbuilding you have plenty of space to be able to do so.


Privacy is an important thing to consider, and again checking out the house properly before buying will give you a good idea of this. While you can add blinds and window treatments to improve privacy inside the home, if your garden is overlooked from above there’s not a great deal you can do about that. Stand in the back yard and look up at the surrounding houses and buildings. Are there any ‘blind spots’ where you could put a table and chairs, or sun loungers and keep your privacy? Most gardens are overlooked to some extent, so decide what’s acceptable for you.