If you live in a city or a smaller home, there’s a good chance that you have a small garden. But just because you don’t own masses of land doesn’t mean that this should just be wasted space. For example, gardening is a really rewarding hobby but isn’t just something for those with massive gardens to indulge in. You can successfully grow in even a tiny garden and make it look fantastic. You can host barbecues and parties in the summer even in a modest space if you plan it carefully enough. If your outside space is currently wasted because you don’t feel like you have enough room, here are some tips that might change your mind.

Invest In a Mini Greenhouse

Traditional greenhouses tend to be relatively large structures that are best suited to bigger spaces. But did you know you can buy mini greenhouses? These are something that even the smallest of back yards can accommodate. They allow you to grow produce right the way through the year, so are an excellent way to put your small garden to work.

Choose The Right Sized Furniture

A smaller garden is going to look swamped and crowded if you choose huge pieces of furniture to put in it. Carefully check measurements when you’re buying things like tables and chairs online to make sure it will be best suited to the space. Additional chairs that could be folded down and stored away are useful for if you have additional guests over.

Find Suitable Storage

Speaking of storage, finding a place to put things when they’re not in use will help to maximize a smaller space. You might not have room for a regular, full sized shed. But you can buy half width sheds or even plastic lock-up boxes which will house your tools and keep them safe. Again make sure you’re keeping an eye on measurements when you purchase.

Get Creative With Planters and Trellis

Tiered planters give you more planting space for the same amount of floor space. It means you can grow extra things without adding additional pots, and is a good space saver for a small garden. You could also use things like wall mounted planters and hanging baskets if you don’t have a whole lot of floor space. Attaching trellis to walls and encouraging climbing plants such as beans and roses is a great way to use as much of your garden as possible.

Paint Walls a Lighter Colour

Just like painting the rooms in your home a lighter color will make them look bigger, the same applies here too. If you have a walled yard, painting the walls white or a very light neutral can help to open up the space. You can even buy garden mirrors which again will help to reflect the light around and create the illusion of more space.

Add Interest

The trick in a small garden is to add interest without it looking cluttered. Different exciting areas of plants and flowers which draw the eye around the garden prevent it from looking like one small enclosed space. You could buy outdoor decorations, arrange pots in different ways or even consider a small water feature. Find the right balance so that it adds drama without it feeling cramped.