As a homeowner, it’s natural to want your property to have a beautiful look to it. Maybe you’ve just moved into a new place and want to put your own stamp on it? Or perhaps you’ve been living in the same property for years but are bored of how it looks? Whatever the reason for wanting to make your home the most beautiful property on your block, it doesn’t have to be difficult to do. It’s just a case of identifying the areas that you need to focus on and going from there.

Of course, we’d all love multi-million dollar homes that have pools, high ceilings, and incredible views. But those types of properties are within very few people’s budgets. That being said, making your home look and feel more luxurious is actually incredibly simple. It’s just about taking the time to get inspired and get ideas. So that you can take your property’s decor up a notch or two, and make your home the envy of the entire neighborhood.

To help you to do that, here are the best areas to focus on:

Get the lighting right

When it comes to how beautiful a property looks, lighting plays a big part. A lot of us underestimate just how significant our home’s lighting can be, both inside and out. That’s why it’s so important to get your property’s lighting right, to ensure that it is giving off the right image. The lighting in your home sets the mood and tone of the space – the same goes for exterior lighting. It’s not just about the light features themselves, but also about the amount of light that they give off. For instance, harsh overhead lighting instantly removes any luxury from a space. Whereas, lighting that is warm and soft creates a more relaxed and luxurious vibe. Hence why, getting the lighting right is so important.

Update your home’s exterior

If you want to make your neighbors jealous of your beautiful home, the exterior needs to be perfect. Obviously, a beautiful interior is also important, but it’s the outside of your home that will get seen the most. So it pays to invest in its upkeep to ensure that it looks smart and stylish. The first place to start is with the paintwork, if this is peeling or grubby, then it needs redoing. Of course, if it just has a covering of dirt on it, then pressure washing it may remedy the problem. However, if it’s been a while since it’s been repainted, it may be worth calling in a decorator. Once your paintwork is sorted, the next step is to focus on the other exterior features – the roofing, porch, and so on. If your property’s roofing is old and outdated, it could be time to invest in an update. If you’re going to update your property’s roof, it may be worth taking the time to learn about green roofing before choosing which option to go for. After all, eco-friendly homes are the future.

Don’t forget the garden

When it comes to your home’s curb appeal, the garden is of the utmost importance. This is because it’s one of the first things that your neighbors and passersby will see. So if you want your property to be somewhere that is appealing, your garden – both front and back, needs to be smart and well designed. The good news is that this is something you can do yourself, if you have a green thumb, that is. However, if gardening isn’t really your forte, then it could be worth hiring a professional gardener to deal with your gardening. It may cost you, but at least you would have the peace of mind that your garden would look its very best at all times. Plus, if there’s a garden style that you’ve seen and loved, the chances are a professional gardener could recreate the look. Whereas, you would most probably, struggle to do so yourself.

Keep the decor neutral

The key to decor success is opting for a neutral home. This may seem somewhat boring, but it doesn’t have to be. By going for neutral decor – think white, cream, gray, and navy, you can ensure that each and every season your home is on-trend. You see, the great thing about neutral decor is that you can add a theme or style with accessories. This means that each time a new trend comes in, you can quickly and easily update your home. Hence why neutral decor is such a popular choice, as it makes staying on trend much easier to do.

Add seasonal style with accessories

As mentioned above, the easiest way to ensure that your home stays on trend year in, year out is by updating each room with accessories. To do this, each season invest in new accessories, picking a different theme or color scheme for each space. Think pillows, rugs, throws, wall art, curtains – and anything else that helps to add character to the space. It may only be a simple thing, but you would be surprised by how much of a difference updating your home with new accessories each season can make. As well as making seasonal updates, don’t forget to keep fresh flowers in your home throughout the year. There’s something about flowers that can give any space an incredibly luxurious look and feel. Hence why having fresh flowers positioned throughout your home is something to consider.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know to make your home the envy of the entire neighborhood. As homeowners we all want our homes to be beautiful and inspirational spaces. However, in order to create homes that others envy, we need to take the time and effort to make them beautiful spaces. Hopefully, the advice and ideas above will help you to do that, allowing you to create the most gorgeous home. Just make sure to look after each and every area of your home, to ensure that you don’t miss anything important.