The reason why wood is still the first and foremost choice for making entire houses and wooden windows and doors is not hard to understand. Consider the rise of synthetic fibers in fabrics. Still, people are now leaning towards organic natural cotton. One can furnish a house with plastic, steel, aluminum and glass. Instead, people prefer the feel of fabric and use of natural materials like wood, foliage and even stones. People used to install the wooden windows earlier, for decorating their home with some elegant looks. Apart from that, wood is a steady material and it is hard to break or damage especially when intruders break in. So if you install the wooden window in your home then you can keep your property and family in a safe position. Also you can easily install several locking systems for these windows and increase the protection as well as safety concern.

4 Best Features of A Wooden Window:

#1. Aesthetic appeal

Timber windows are made from a variety of woods. Each wood, whether it is teak, mahogany, fir, beech, oak or cedar, has a distinctive color, aroma, texture and grain pattern. No synthetic material can yet compare with the natural wood grain finish that is possible when one uses wooden windows. Hardwood can be sanded and polished and then varnished using natural shellac or synthetic resins to a high gloss. Each window and each panel and section in the window made of wood has its unique aesthetic appeal.

#2. Insulation

From the heights of aesthetic values to the more down to earth practical properties, wood is still unmatched. It is both a sound and heat insulator. When precisely cut and machined, wood can fit together to close tolerances and prevent energy leaks as well as serve as sound insulator. If one uses metal or plastics they need additional insulation infill.

#3. Easy to work

Wood scores high when it comes to working and shaping. Wood can be cut, sawn, drilled and shaped as well as carved just as one pleases. One can cut it to form arches or curves and create more pleasing shapes in wood windows.  Carpenters have access to a host of wood working tools such as routers and saws as well as carving tools to create wonderful designs in wooden windows.

#4. Environment-friendly

It costs more to produce steel, aluminum or uPVC windows. Wood grows naturally and consumes the least energy to transform it from lumber to the beautiful wood frames for windows that we see. With the right treatment, wood will last for more than 50 years. If and when it is time to dispose of wood, it has the least impact on the environment unlike uPVC and aluminum.

Using wood inside homes for furniture and closets is a standard practice when house owners want a priceless, traditional and warm look to their interiors. Furniture, doors and windows, if made of plastics, steel or aluminum may be considered contemporary but they have a distinctively “off the rack” assembly-line look. You can choose from light colored timbers to the more hardened patterns of the engineered woods for your window installation. At the same time, when you choose colors, you can select from the pastel to the darker shades depending on your budget and the internal aesthetics of your rooms.

Wood adds to the value of homes. Visitors and inmates appreciate the atmosphere wood creates inside houses. More importantly, if you should wish to sell your house, wooden windows will add to the value. The only thing one needs to keep in mind is to get wooden windows from a reputed source that uses quality, seasoned hardwoods and approved treatment processes to give life-long durability.