What is the best heater to heat a garage? Garage needs no introduction. Believe it or not – it is a necessity for every car owner. However, many individuals consider the place as a workshop for other odd jobs. But, it is an essential wing of your home and so, there is an urgent need to keep the garage in a good shape.

Installing a good quality propane heater is the first thing you need to consider when planning to spruce up the comfort level in a garage space. These types of heating systems are excellent and inexpensive options to heat up the place without putting a dent in your pocket. The best of all, these run on the propane gas and need proper installation to avoid any accidents like fire.

To install a propane garage heater, all you need is the propane gas cylinders and hosepipes, which may seem quite expensive initially when compared to the electric heaters. But, these heaters will play a great role in saving much in the long run. The reason is simple – propane gas is cheaper compared to electricity or any other natural gas.

How to buy Portable Propane Heaters

There are certain things you need to consider before you make a purchase of these heating systems. The first thing to keep in mind while shopping is the type of propane garage heaters that are available in two types:

Ventless Heaters:

These are quite small in size and there is no requirement for installing any external venting system. Another benefit of using them is that they produce less amounts of exhaust gas.

Vented Heaters:

As the name suggests itself, within these heaters the direct wall vent helps in drawing the inwardsto the sealed combustion chamber. To put it, in simple words, the vent is used to expel gas directly outside.

While purchasing movable heaters, make sure you invest in a unit which comes with a good stainless steel burner having the good aesthetic looks. Another important factor to consider when purchasing a portable propane heater is that you look for the automatic shutdown feature. Go for a heating system that gives rise to a minimum of about 40,000 BTU of heat. Weather resistance, corrosion resistance, automatic shutdown, hiding extension cords, and warranty period are some other factors that you need to keep in mind while making hase.

Propane forms an ideal alternative for such radiant heaters since it is an extremely clean fuel with close to zero toxic gasses or harmful by-products released on its combustion making them very much suitable for indoor places like your house. Apart from these, it stores around 1000 gallons of fuel power in it adding to its concentration. Above all, it is the heating elements which radiate heat through such heaters thereby no requirement of a blowing fan as like in other heaters.

Adding to its advantages further, a propane radiant heater has a propane cylinder attached to it making it quite compact as well as provides it with a refueling capability on its exhaustion. Wheels attached to such compact heaters provide them mobility and thus easy handling. Inexpensive heating due to efficient combustion of propane gas categorizes them as an ideal garage heater.

However, such a garage heater must also possess certain additional features like automatic temperature control. Paper, kerosene, petrol, paint, wood are among the items commonly kept in garages. The most vulnerable thing about these items is their sensitivity to high temperatures. In such cases, ignition temperature could be reached with ease and ignite them within no time. Also, such items can catch fire if they are kept close to divulging flames coming out of a heater. Hence a propane radiant heater, which has a controlled flame, does not pose much of a difficulty.