Storage shelving units are a mandate for any household. A lot of storage in the living room, or bedrooms or even kitchen makes the house look shabby and cluttered. The best place to keep these units would be in basements. A basement simply can be put as a storage unit.

Basements are a blessing in disguise as they can be used as major bonus storage rooms. You would require certain free standing shelving units. These storage units can be moved around freely and it also has immense flexibility. A famous thumb rule is that, if you haven’t used stuff for the last seven years, you will not need it in the future. If you can follow that thumb rule, it will definitely be helpful to get rid of things you don’t want, but do make a list of things that you want to stack away for later use.

Here are some tips for effective storage creation:

#1. Safety Comes First

It would a must to construct strong and sturdy storage shelving units. This is a must for both bin and box storages. Therefore, ensure to follow certain steps for having an appropriate clearance and depth in these units.

* You would be advised to build heavy framed shelves with two to four studs. It should also be made with paintable plywood.

* Always ensure to measure the place before starting out on building storage shelving units.

* When building such units, you would be required to keep certain factors in mind. While placing large or heavy storage items, ensure to keep things below a height of five feet.

Keeping heavy things above five feet height would only cause you more harm than help.

#2. Getting Storage Areas Organized

If in case you have multiple shelving units, it would be convenient to designate each area. This would prove to be highly beneficial to you in -read on to know how.

* Ensure to make use of clear storage shelving areas. Taking care of such aspects would help you to check on your stacked valuables easily.

* You might also consider using large labels for your storage shelving units.

* By using large labels, it would help you to find your items as well as put them back in the proper place again.

It would be vital to take care of certain major factors while keeping things organized.

#3. Opting For Cubbies

While thinking of storage shelving units, you might as well opt for Cubbies. These are perhaps the most popular storage options available.

* Cubbies are known to offer greater flexibility. These are extremely easy to build as well.

* This can be a self standing arrangement and thus an ideal storage shelving unit for your basement.

#4. Testing Your Layouts:

Prior to setting up storage shelving units, it would be vital to analyze the layouts. See if all corners can be used and if only these areas will suffice. Check if need to have a storage unit running along the length of the wall. It is advised to choose the lengthiest wall to create storage units. You should also see if the storage units will be in the attic style. Alternatively if you decide to have storage running on the floor along the length of the wall, you can use it as a seating unit for your kids to hang out with friends or if you are practicing for a skit with friends or you are in a musical band, this arrangement will turn out to be handy. Throw in a few cushions and you can enhance the interiors of the basement instead of keeping it a dull storage unit.