It is now possible to beautify your pool with gorgeous frameless glass balustrade. As the name suggests these glass pieces are without any frames and thus give you a crisper and cleaner picture of your pool along with adjacent views. There are a lot of benefits that you can get with glass balustrades along with the security aspect. So here are some reasons to check out or rather opt for these-

#1. Unobstructed Gaze

One of the best part of having these around the pool is that you are able to get a clear view of the pool. Be it a pool party or your kids loitering around, you can get an unobstructed view of the pool, which is imperative for long-term safety. No matter what you want to know, what is going on around the house and being able to access or view the pool directly is a plus point. So if the kids are going to the deep end you can rush out and call them back or if you notice a raccoon drinking water from the pool you can shoo them off! You are also able to get multiple view and different angles.

This applies for the people who are in the pool also. Because there is no obstruction from any side, they are able to see what is going on around them and would know who’s coming towards the pool.

#2. Aesthetic Appeal

It also has an aesthetic appeal that is really luxurious and stylish. Contemporary pools are all about saving more space and this fencing provides you with a chic glass finish that is frameless. Since there are no obstructions or panels along the glass it  gives a kind of upper edge to the overall design. Such glass balustrade look much more swanky as compared to the counterparts that feature panels or similar disruptions.

#3. Not Affected By Moisture

One of the biggest plus points of the glass balustrade is that it is not affected by moisture. If you compare, you would notice that wooden or even other forms of fence materials are prone to moisture problems. Considering these are frameless pieces, you don’t have to worry about your glass falling prey to extreme humidity or moisture. Also, it is resistant to heat and will not crack easily under extreme environmental or weather conditions.

#4. Durability

Made from the finest of the glass, these frameless glass balustrade are focused on quality and durability. They are not like the fragile pieces of glass that are used in shelves and around the home. In fact, you can be assured that they have been specially made to suit the wear and tear of everyday life. Be it a guest leaning on these or a sudden storm that wrecks havoc. These pieces are installed once and usually last  for years to come.

#5. Protection

The frameless glass balustrade is also a kind of protection around the pool. You can pick an option that also comes with a gate, especially if you have pets who love to drink out of the pool or bathe in it! Besides all of this you can be assured that with the balustrade and the gate around,your toddler will not just wade into the pool which is crucial with kids around the house. Also these frameless pieces prevent excessive dust and dirt from entering the pool along with pests and rodents.

So if you have a swimming pool at home, consider getting frameless glass balustrade for it! This versatile system can be used to beautify your pool with a clear and frosted glass.