Who can tolerate the heat bites of the summer and stay calm without buying an air conditioning machine?  As the global warming is grasping the nature and controlling the world climate, the season of summer is also running longer than it used be in the previous decades. More than a trend, it has become a necessity to buy a cooling machine and install the same in our homes, offices and the other workplaces. Employees can work well in offices, babies can sleep well at home and after a long day’s work at office, you look forward to sleep well in a conditioned room.

While you are thinking of buying an AC, you will also have to consider the billing cost that comes at the end of the month. Generally, the buyers believe that the bill increase in the bill is because of the machine that consumes more energy. But the fact is something different. The main reason behind the huge amounts of a bill is not using the AC in a proper way and not to take a care of the installed machine.

Here are some suggestions about how to save electricity by only maintaining the cooling device that will surprise you at the end of the month with lesser energy bills.

#1. Using the machine at night time:

Use the remote control well. You have the facility to lower the temperature or turn the AC off by using the timer.

#2. Advantageous 78 degrees Fahrenheit:

It is very interesting fact about the air conditioning machine. It is the optimal temperature to set as it gives you the highest performance of your air conditioning machine. So, try this out and consume energy as less as possible.

#3. Window vents and doors

If you are staying in a room that is being cooled by the AC and have kept the doors and the window vents open then more power will be consumed. If you make this mistake the room will not be conditioned, and the AC has to give more effort for lowering down the temperature of the room. Hence, always make sure of shutting down all the vents that allows external heat to come into the room.

#4. Cleaning

After the long season of the winter when you are going to turn on the AC for the first time to get respite from the heat, do not switch it on without cleaning it. Dust gets accumulated inside the machine vents; The more the dust accumilated, more power will be needed for running it. So, try to clean prior to using it.

#5. Placements of the furniture

Did you know? The way you have arranged the furniture in your room becomes one of the reasons behind the better cooling. If there are fewer furniture in the room where the AC is installed, then the air will pass through quickly, and the whole room will be conditioned well and equally.

#6. Annual maintenance

Regardless of how you have used your machine throughout the year, you must call Air Conditioning service centres for annual maintenance of the cooling machine. They know the best way to make them work if there is any critical issue. Annual maintenance is essential for any electronic appliance, in particular for the AC. So, never skip it.

#7. Manual rules

When you have bought the applianceyou must have got a manual book or user guide. Use your machine following all the instructions mentioned in the manual. They are the tips to ensure the longevity of your AC as well as for lesser energy consumption.

Try to go through all the tips given here, and you will be happy to check the bill at the end of the month.