You may find too many flooring options, that look beautiful but can be too expensive at the same time especially wood floors for the basement. The basement is quite prone to humidity and moisture and thus bamboo flooring works well here. Bamboo is a great choice because many basements have sub-floors and an overall atmosphere that is high in moisture. There are a few other things also that you need to consider before selecting it. However, your priorities should commence at the budget, and end with the maintenance. But if budget is not a constraint, one can easily opt for engineered bamboo flooring as it appears to be stunning and certainly easy to maintain when compared to carpeted flooring.

#1. Consider Basement And Family Requirements

If you have children and pets around it is important to have bamboo flooring that is not only hard but stain resistant too. While wooden flooring develops a few scratches with use, ceramic flooring is stain and scratch proof. Hardwood floors are easy to clean. Ceramic tiles give a clean look, but with use dirt does accumulate in the grouts. Joint free tiling and using larger sized tiles does help to minimize this problem.

#2. Serves Purpose Of The Basement

It is important to select the right flooring depending upon the purpose of the room. Non-skid and non-glossy flooring is recommended in all work areas, including the kitchen and the bathrooms. Thus, these floors are widely used in both these regions  Bamboo floors have also become popular due to its easy availability and large variety. They come in numerous shades, patterns, colors and sizes. They are easy to install and are cost effective also.

#3. Easy Maintenance

These flooring are easy to maintain. You just have to sweep or vacuum it regularly to remove small particles debris.

#4. Enhance Your Décor

The flooring can easily enhance the look of a room and brighten it up. Bamboo is natural and quite sturdy. It offers a durability and rustic style that other flooring options cannot match. The price range depends upon the quality of bamboo. The expensive varieties come free of any fillers and cracks. You can select from a range that gives you a clean and more contemporary look or go for something that is more traditional and rustic.

#5. Compare Prices

You should compare prices for the flooring options like bamboo floors give a classic feel and fall under the expensive variety. Discount wood flooring is an alternative that a lot of people opt for. These are also available in a large number of shades and come at lower prices.

#6. Go Eco Friendly

Bamboo and cork flooring are the eco-friendly flooring options. Bamboo flooring is hard though a lot of people think otherwise. Both bamboo and cork flooring are durable and cost effective. They are easy and faster to install  as compared to others. They are also warm underfoot and absorb sound too. So if you are looking for a kind of flooring that does not put a dent in your savings, looks attractive and earns you admiration for being environmentally concerned these bamboo flooring options are just the right one.

On the whole, you should make sure that you evaluate price factors, requirements, décor, and maintenance factors before purchasing flooring. Doing so would ensure that the bamboo flooring not only enhances your basement decor but also gives you a more practical and viable design. In the long run, you have a durable and sustainable design for your basement, which is practical too. So go ahead and install these in your basement for a swanky look.