The history of plaster ceiling roses dates back to ancient days. It was during the Edwardian eras and Victorian times, when the use of plaster ceiling roses became highly popular in interior decorating fashion amongst the upper class strata of the society. Not only did it bring a decorative elegance to the interiors, but its typical excellence in complementing high ceiling chandeliers bagged mass appreciation.

In this modern age, interior designers often feel the dire need for embellishments apart from ceiling lights to add in that charm to the ambience of a room. Beginning from the drop down lights, to ceiling fixture small lights or designer chandeliers, with decorative plaster ceiling roses the show is taken away by the ceiling. Moreover there are numerous added advantages with modern plaster ceiling roses which has enhanced the fashion back in trend and have also made it easily affordable for all. 

  • Every variant from polymer-based plaster roses to the use of fiber boards, there are numerous materials used nowadays which enhances the overall appeal of these ceiling ornamentations.
  • These plaster roses offer a central focal point to the room and trigger the aesthetic charm of the room.
  • There are many people who just simply in love with the Victorian or Edwardian styling sense, and them these ceiling embellishments can bring in the right feel and mood.
  • Moreover apart from serving the basic purpose of enhancing the beauty and décor of the room, decorative plaster ceiling roses can also be effectively used to conceal and hide ceiling cracks.
  • Moreover, the moldings, patterns and mechanism of building these decorative ceiling fixtures have changed and these are considerably light weight, which makes it not only easy to handle but even easy to install.

High End Durability

When you are looking for comprehensive value for money decorative item for your ceiling, these embellishments can be the right pick. Made out of advanced and high quality materials, plasters have always sustained the test of time when good in quality, and you can actually even expect a durability over 100 years. Strong, solid and extremely durable are the qualities whi9ch makes the plaster ceiling roses favorable pick over other fragile ceiling decorations.

Availability Ease

The trend of high appreciation for ceiling plaster roses is aptly supported with extensive availability in the market. Not only offline stores but these ceiling decor products are even widely popular on online stores as well. Extensive range of designs, style and even pattern can be available quite easily without a hassle. However, along with availability you must even ensure the genuine quotient and look for 100% standard in quality.

Weather and Water Resistant

In order to make plaster gypsum is the ingredient which is heated and plaster is formulated, the best part is the weather and water resistance quality of gypsum which is enhanced when it is subjected to heat. This resistance power is even more geared up when the additional materials like calcium chloride, sand and calcium carbonate is added to it. Now in a way even this resistive feature against water and weather makes plaster ceiling roses durable.

Cleaning Plaster Ceiling Roses

Since these decorative embellishments made of plasters have a lot of curvatures, intricate designs which make it easier for dust accumulation. Therefore in order to keep your decorative ceiling roses look elegant and stylish it is essential as well to maintain them well from time to time. Either you have to wipe these with soft cotton cloth or you can also use soft brush to brush off dusts. You can even use vacuum cleaning in order to keep the ceiling roses clean and free from dust.