All of a sudden, your washing machine stops spinning or the refrigerator is unable to cool the products. Most of the users might think the time has come to replace the product. But is it the right time to get it replaced? Is it so, that the product can’t is repaired or it’s your excitement to bring a new one? These are some of the most difficult questions to answer when your appliance breaks down. Only the owner is capable to answer these questions, but instead, there are other two major points which every user must consider.

Firstly, how often your appliance requires repair?

Every branded product is made up of the best quality and comes with a specific working life cycle. If maintained timely, these products last longer and require fewer repairs. If the product troubles you with regular problems, then replacing it is a better option.

Second, what are the costs of repairs?

As a matter of fact, old home appliances were made up of superior materials which made them last longer. New appliances are more focused on the latest technology, fascinating looks but are not that reliable. If the costs of repairs are lower than the cost of the new appliance, it’s better to get it repaired. Appliance repair service providers or agencies can give you the exact idea of the repairs and also help in bringing the old appliance in new working condition.

Important points to consider while repairing or replacing the appliances

Either you are replacing it or getting it repaired, there are some essential points to make a better decision.

The lifespan of your appliance:

When it comes to usage, most of the home appliances are last longer, even more than the actual lifespan. It highly depends on your usage, working conditions and regular maintenance. Every manufacturer makes such appliances with an idea of a specific lifespan, but the usage conditions are also an important factor which can increase or decrease its lifespan.

On an average, home appliances offer a lifespan of 10-15 years which is considered good enough. This list majorly includes kitchen appliances. HVAC, water heater, laundry equipment and many more.

Know the age of your appliance:

Actually, there are no such criteria to check the age of your appliance but still, there are ways to have an idea about it.

In the first look, check out the paperwork or the owner’s manual, where you can see the purchasing date. Even, the installation date can give you the idea about the exact date.

If you are unable to get the papers, start searching for the labels on the appliance. Every manufacturer labels its products with some specifications and date and time of manufacturing.

Would you let your appliance die like this?

After, a long usage the user gets emotionally attached to the appliance. In the initial years, every appliance performs well, but as time passes it starts troubling you. It highly depends on the usage, working conditions, and breakdown of its parts. Some of the manufacturers recommend replacing the appliance before they completely die, as there are chances of more inconvenience than expected.

But it is not completely necessary to take the replacement decision in a rash. If you are currently unable to afford a new one, getting the appliance repaired is a good option. These days, it is quite easy to find expert technicians which can bring your old appliance in good shape.

How to avoid repairs?

It is entirely possible to increase the lifespan of your old appliance. You just have to be gentle while using it and follow the exact instructions as described in the user’s manual. Also, a regular checkup of your appliances and maintenance can be another major factor which will increase its life cycle. However, failing on these conditions will result in major repairs and you might have to get it replaced with a new appliance.

In the conclusion, replacing your old home appliance sounds great but it might disturb your budget. Repairing the old appliances is indeed a good option which can save you money and increase the lifespan of the older appliance.

Jeff Sears is professionally a technician and a part time blogger. He is working for APlus Repair which help in all of your appliance repair and service needs. He has more than 7 years of experience in repairing electrical appliances.