‘Change is the only constant’ – a statement that was arguably made by a Greek philosopher Heraclitus truly holds water. If you feel that the same old looks and feel of your home do not look great any longer, it is the best time to go for a change. It is time to go for major home renovation. However, the life does not always go the way we think. Even when your budget puts a cap on the options available to you, you can execute a well-calculated major home renovation plan, make informed decisions and get outstanding results. Here are some home renovation tried and tested tips for a complete makeover of your home without budget going out of control.

#1. Start With a Budget

The entire home renovation plan is destined to take a nosedive if you start with bad budget planning. Figure out how much you can fork out. Simply create a spreadsheet and add everything you are planning to buy plus the cost of everything. Don’t forget to add the cost of labor. Now it’s time to curtail the list. Note down the items taking a big toll on the budget. Try to find some less expensive alternative. Remove the things that are not extremely necessary.

#2. Be Patient

Don’t let having enough money tempt you to materialize the home renovation plan all at once. Take your time, think and execute. Otherwise, you might have to regret soon in the near future. Don’t rush. Start with one or two rooms and then move onto another area.

#3. Try some DIY

There are some things you can do on your own if you have some moderate DIY skills. If you are paying per hour, you can save some money by doing the prep work before the crew arrives. You can apply skim coat to walls or scrap off mastic and do a lot more. These days you can easily and quickly learn some new skills. The good friend YouTube is always there for you. However, there are some things you should let licensed pros take care of.

#4. Reuse

You can reuse some kitchen appliances. You can reuse cabinetry while working on the major home renovation project. Instead of replacing the entire cabinet, you can keep the body and simply replace the door. This will change the style of the cabinet and save money for you.

#5. Balance

There are some high-end materials and some low-end materials. A quartz countertop makes a statement. However, you don’t need high-end materials for less impactful areas. Here the balance is the key. Spend less on doors and cabinets and more on hardware. Don’t buy appliances that are too fancy.

#6. Can You Wait For Sales? 

You should. Wait for Christmas sales or some other festival offers. These are the times of a year when you can get some fairly-priced electronics, power tools, lawn care items, outdoor furniture and a lot more.

#7. Hire Smartly

Decide whether you need to hire a general contractor or hire one contractor specialized in floor work and one contractor specialized in electronics. Whoever you are going to hire, read a good number of reviews. Any customer having a bad experience with a contractor never forgets to leave bad comments on the social media profiles of the contractor.

#8. Look For Cost Saving Opportunities

Energy-saving appliances save money but are very expensive. Don’t pay with credit. You are going to pay interest. You will lose the money you have saved so far. Make cash payment when you are buying energy star rated appliances. You will get a return on investment in form of lower utility bills.

#9. Sell It If You Don’t Use It

It does not mean that you should sell your old fixtures at dirt cheap prices. Try to sell your old fixtures at a good price if you are in need of money. You can sell your old kitchen appliances, hardware, doors, kitchen cabinets and a lot of other stuff.

Got some reward points? This is the best time to redeem. Hope these major home renovation tips are going to be of great use.

Best of luck!

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