Working from home is a privilege that many people claim has facilitated their lives. The plethora of benefits include spending less time traveling to and from work, a cleaner environment, money-saving, more free time, and greater job satisfaction. Perhaps, the most significant benefit is the higher productivity you achieve while spending your work hours in the comfort of your home, especially if you have a working studio where you can distance from the family obligations and dedicate your full attention to work. 

In order to become more productive, your interior design must be on point. The truth is, it has a significant effect on your work mood, and it has powers to reduce stress or help you focus on the tasks. If you are looking for specific ideas about how to design the office in your home, you are just at the right place – take notes from the following suggestions that are guaranteed to improve productivity and make you fall in love with your home studio. 

Let the Light in

Make sure you get as much natural light as possible by positioning your work station next to a window. Natural light will make you feel better, fill you with energy, and make you happier. If you have small window solutions in your home, get lamps with halogen light bulbs as they are considered to be the most similar to natural lights. Also, you can choose furniture in white to increase the natural feel in the room. 

Don’t Forget Greenery

Bringing in the plants in various shapes is simply a must. The plants improve the air quality in a room, and they give you a sense of belonging together with nature. You can choose succulents or small potted plants if you don’t have a green thumb and don’t really like spending much time taking care of plants, as these types of plants are very easy to keep alive. Of course, you can choose lush greenery in big planters if you like to make it the centerpiece of the room. 

Buy Ergonomic Furniture

The desk and the chair must be ergonomic so that you are always in the right position while sitting through the day. Without back problems, you will be able to focus on your tasks and finish the job successfully. 

Add a Personal Touch

It is already personal when you are in your home trying to balance your work and everyday life, but keeping in mind that home offices are designed as a completely different part of the house so that it puts you in a work mode, you might want to mix things up a little bit. Yes, the office should be an office, but adding some family memorabilia on the bookshelves is always productive, as it reminds you of who you do this for. So, go ahead, choose the most beautiful family portrait and hang it on the wall in your home office.

A Burst of Your Favourite Colour

Which is your favorite color? Try including decorative elements as many as you can in your favorite color. It is proven that color says a lot about your character, and it can improve your mood whenever you feel blue or defocused. Cushions, blankets, souvenirs, wall art, and stationary in your favorite color can put a smile on your face and subconsciously make you ready to finish the tasks.

The Bottom Line

Staging an office in your home shouldn’t be a challenge. It should be an activity that enables the growth of your creativity and productivity. If you are uncertain how your ideas might be realized in real life, have a virtual stager do a digital representation of your home office concept and see whether you can see yourself working in such an environment. If yes, great, you are ready to put the plan into action!