The bathroom of our home is our most personal space. But, it remains the most neglected room in the house, though it is the room we encounter at first in the morning. If our home is one or two decades old, we update other rooms of our house as per the latest trends, but the bathroom is still left out. Nowadays, the trend has changed. People are opting for bathroom remodel. They have become aware of the benefits of bathroom remodeling.

Reason to remodel your bathroom

Bathroom remodeling brings many benefits to your home. It enhances the market value of your home. The ambiance of a remodeled bathroom gives you a positive and joyful feel to start a day.

Tips and advice for bathroom remodeling

Hire the bathroom to remodel contractor 

If you wish to go for bathroom remodeling, you should hire a good bathroom remodeling contractor. He will assess the condition and requirements. Besides, the contractor will apprise you about the changes that need to be done and the cost involved. He will design the bathroom and do all types of required work as per your requirements and budget.

Decide your budget 

The money is the foremost requirement to commence any remodeling task. Your budget decides what type of material and gadgets you can procure for your bathroom. By knowing your financial limitations, your bathroom remodeling contractor can design and remodel your bathroom according to your budget.

Be eco-friendly 

Being eco-friendly is trendy nowadays. Go for simple, eco-friendly, and aesthetic changes in your bathroom. It costs less, too. Opt for energy and water-saving fittings in your bathroom. You will help in saving the environment. Besides, you will also have to spend less on water and energy bills.

Designs and layout

There are many designs of bathrooms available with bathroom remodel contractor.  But, the design and layout should be suitable for your budget and bathroom space.

Space adjustment 

While installing the sink, washbasin, shower, and toilet-seat make sure enough space is available for the movement. There should be sufficient storage space to keep towels, toiletries, and cosmetics. Proper space management makes the bathroom nice and tidy.


Make sure that there is proper circulation of fresh air in your bathroom. Foul air makes an adverse impact on your mood. It is unhealthy, as well.


Lighting is an important factor that must be kept in mind while remodeling your bathroom. If there is sufficient natural light available, it is good, otherwise, make arrangements for proper artificial lighting.


If the floor is in good condition, you need not redo the flooring. A little repairing work like grouting will suffice. If the floor is rotten or decayed, replace it. You can opt for ceramic tiles for it. These tiles are cost-effective and less slippery.


Make proper arrangements for wastewater drainage and toilet waste disposal. The holes, gaps, and fissures at the floor, walls, and around fittings need to be fixed and grouted. It will prevent insects and cockroaches breeding.

Plumbing Material

Go for quality plumbing material. Choose brass faucets, showerheads, and valves over any other material. The brass is rustproof and lasts long.

Go Ceramic 

Opt for the ceramic toilet seat, sink, and washbasin. Ceramic is durable and less expensive.


For durability, granite countertops are advisable. Though granite is expensive, you can get granite countertops in less trendy colors at a low price.


Repaint the walls in aesthetic colors. If there are fissures on the wall, get those fixed.

Final Words

It is a general perception that bathroom remodeling is an expensive and herculean task. But if you hire a good bathroom remodel contractor and follow the above tips, you can get it done effortlessly. So, be ready to go for bathroom remodeling and experience the sheer joy of using an eco-friendly remodeled bathroom.