Moving Home Furniture

The process of moving houses is already stressful in itself. But if you add the challenge of physically moving the furniture from one place to another, it gets even more vexing. They are certainly time-consuming and exhausting but still doable if you are determined. Here are some tips you can use so you can safely move your home furniture.

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Equip yourself

Furniture removalists Melbourne typically advise do-it-yourselfers to equip themselves with the proper tools before moving. Some of the most helpful equipment you can get are straps, dollies, and gliders. These are especially helpful for large and heavy furniture that you can’t simply pick up and move. You can create a make-shift ramp with some plywood and rope if necessary.

Plan first

Even simply moving your furniture will require some planning to make sure you do it as efficiently as possible. Furniture removalists Melbourne also do this before going to your house and moving things. First, you need to measure your furniture to see if they can easily fit through any hallways and doorways. Then, declutter the path through which you and other people will walk through as you bring your furniture outside your house. Moreover, decide on which furniture will move out first and last.

Furniture pads

Furniture foot pads are handy for heavy furniture like couches, tables, and chairs. They make it easy to move furniture around and also help prevent damage on the floors. Another type of furniture pads is a wrap or padding. They act like blankets that cover fragile furniture to avoid damage. They are cheap but they are significantly helpful during the moving process.

Pack them properly

If you’re moving disassembled furniture, make sure to pack them properly. Use bubble wrap, styrofoam, and duct tapes to ensure they are secure during the move. Don’t forget to label them properly, too so you can easily locate the parts once you’re assembling them again at your new place. Moreover, you can take pictures of the furniture before you take them apart so you’ll remember which parts go together.

Hire professional furniture removalists

If you want to save yourself time and physical stress from prepping and moving your furniture to your new home, hiring furniture removalists Melbourne will do the trick. They are professionals who are highly trained and reliable. Thus, you are ensured that your prized belongings are in good hands.