Finally, the pool season has arrived in Australia, which means it’s time to swim and rejoice in your small back yard pool. But there you are, staring at your dirty pool cover. You might be wondering what kind of threats awaits you underneath. But don’t fret!

Today, our award-winning team of swimming pool designers are going to tell you how to successfully open and prepare your swimming pool for summer.

  1. Clean your pool cover

Got some sort of smelly stuff accumulated on your pool cover? Just grab a soft broom and start sweeping, dead leaves or other large debris from it. Now, use a pool cover pump to get any standing water off from your cover. Not to mention, the real cleaning begins when you remove your pool cover.

  1. Skim the swimming pool

Got rid of your dirty pool cover? It’s time to use a skimmer and start removing anything floating on the surface of your pool. There may be a lot debris that fell from your cover during removal, which can clog your filtration system. Thus, get all the stuff out from your pool before you move ahead.

  1. Raise the water level

Your pool has probably lost some water over the season due to evaporation. Therefore, you need to raise your water level back to normal in order to balance its chemistry. We recommend you use a garden hose to fill the pool.

  1. Reconnect and run your pool system

Did you prepare your swimming pool for winter days? If so, you need to reconnect your pool equipment. You need to set up your filter, pump, heater and anything else connected to the filtration system. Now turn your pool equipment on for 12 to 24 hours and check the equipment for leaks or other issues.

  1. Test and balance your pool water

Once you are done running the pool system for a few hours, it’s time to test and balance your pool water for pH, Total Alkalinity (TA), Hardness and Chlorine levels. By using test kits or strips, you can check these four key parameters of pool water chemistry. Next, shock the pool water or chlorinate it to destroy algae and microorganisms. Depending on the results of your test, you might have to perform other treatments on your pool water, such as using stabilisers, conditioners or algaecide. Don’t forget to run your pool system another 24 hours and test again before jumping into the pool.

The ending note: Your pool is ready

By maintaining your swimming pool the right way, you not only save yourself from the daunting process of pool cleaning but also set the stage for easy maintenance throughout the season. So, are you done performing the above-mentioned steps? If so, congratulations – your pool is ready for the season. Enjoy!

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