Whenever you want to enjoy life, it seems to have other plans for you. Juggling work, kids, parties, dinners, and cleaning can keep us occupied all day long, leaving us no time for yourself. And in those rare occasions, we do find the time, we’re so overwhelmed that we end up binge-watching something on Netflix.

Now, if you are one of those people who enjoy cleaning in their spare time and find it oddly therapeutic, you can stop reading right now. But if you’re like the most, cleaning is just another chore keeping you away from some quality me-time. The worst thing is that the longer you avoid it, the harder it gets once you finally set your mind to it.

That is why professional cleaning companies like Eco Mama offer their services to busy homeowners looking to relax and have at least one less chore to worry about. But what should you do with the extra time professional cleaning frees up? We have a couple of suggestions.

Treat Yourself to a Shopping Spree

Some people find shopping to be a great way to relax and spend quality time. So instead of cleaning, why not head to the nearest mall and find some great deals on items you’ve been long itching to buy. Hit a few stores, do some shopping, enjoy a cup of coffee and forget about your problems at least for a while.

Hit the Gym

Just because you forgot about your last couple of New Year’s resolutions, doesn’t mean it’s too late to start now. One of the most common excuses people have when it comes to enrolling in a gym is that they cannot find enough time. But you could use a couple of hours you’ll have to spare if you hire a cleaning service to work on yourself.

Hitting the gym will not only help you get in shape, but it will also make you feel more energized, confident and can do wonders for your health. The biggest obstacle is usually starting. So quit making up excuses and get to work!

Enjoy a Spa Treatment

If you don’t know how to spend your free Sunday and want to relax, there’s no better way than to book a spa treatment. Treat yourself to a massage, a mani-pedi and a facial. Try being the one who gets pampered for once and comes home refreshed and feeling comfortable in your skin. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Rather than wasting time cleaning, do something for yourself for a change.

Read a Book

A lot of people are so busy they forget to set some time to appreciate a good book. So if you love reading, consider spending your free time getting into a new book or re-read an old favorite. Ideally, do it somewhere you’ll be able to relax like your backyard or the park. And if you’ve thought about writing your own book, now is the best time!

Spend Quality Time with Your Family

How much time do you spend arguing with your family members about cleaning? How many times have you had to punish your kids or scold your husband? Those days are gone. Instead of fighting, why not spend some quality time together. Book some fun activities or just take a field trip and forget about your problems while you strengthen your family bond.