Lights can create a visually stunning statement in your backyard and if you are contemplating them for your new pool, its smart to decide which type of lights you’d like and where they should go when in the design phase of your pool build as adding them, later on, can be costly. Here are some tips to help you determine which lighting is best for your pool.

Different types of pool lights

Modern pool lighting is far superior to older traditional options. They produce a cleaner light using less electricity and they last for longer too. The main types include halogen and LED. They come in an array of applications. Here is a rundown of the two:

Halogen lights

For many decades halogen lighting was the go-to option for pools. They require very little maintenance and produce a bright luminescent light. They do however come with some drawbacks, halogen lights emit a yellow glow as opposed to white and the globes are expensive to replace, not only that they consume a considerable amount of energy. While they are great compared to incandescent, there are better options out there which leads us to our next lighting option.

LED lights

LED is the most superior pool lighting option available today and their benefits and light quality are unrivalled by other pool light choices. Unlike halogen, LEDs produce a clean, crisp white light that doesn’t transmit a yellow/green glow in your pool water. They use up to 80% less energy and are extremely long-lasting. If you are going to put lights in your pool, it’s a good idea to choose LED over other types due to the benefits they offer.

Decide if you want coloured lights

You can get creative with many features in your pool and your lighting is no exception. Colour systems enable you to interchange the colours of your lights and you can have them as bright or dim as you like by simply pressing a button on your controller. This is a great way to set the ambience to match an occasion, whether it’s a party or a night of relaxation. When choosing your lights, you should consider if coloured lighting is for you or if plain white is more your style.

Choose the style of the fixture

The two most common LED light fixtures for pools are flush-mounted and surface-mounted. Most tend to choose flush-mounted LED lights as they are integrated into the side of the pool and are more modern looking. Surface-mounted fixtures, on the other hand, are positioned on the side of the pool and are more noticeable. Other non-permanent LED light options for your pool include floating lights and DIY suction solar or LED.

Work out how many lights you’ll need

So, how many lights will you need? This can vary depending on a few things, such as:

  1. The size of your pool
  2. How much light you want in your pool
  3. The shape of your pool
  4. How well lit your backyard already is

Before purchasing your lighting, you will need to work out what kind of lighting effect you want. Generally, larger pools need more lights than smaller ones and if you have a pool with bends or a spa, you will need to consider the lighting in these areas. You can flood the pool with ample light or just light the stairs and key spots. Are there features in or around your pool that could be accentuated with lighting? Water features and slides look great at night when lit up and can give your pool the wow factor.

Look for user-friendly lights

Most modern-day LED lighting options are simple to set up and to navigate. If you choose lights that have smart capabilities you can run your pool lights using automation technology, this allows you to control your lighting from an app installed on your smart device at any time, from anywhere. Utilising this technology can help you save money on your energy bill.

There are many benefits to LED lighting, one of them being how simple they are to programme and operate. Most newer lights have an array of settings allowing you to personalise your lighting to suit your preferences. You can put on a light show or create mood lighting, your options are endless.

Consider pool scaping lights

If you already have a pool and hiring a professional to install new lights is too costly right now, you can highlight your pool area by installing flood lights or spotlights in your garden space. It is a good idea to work out your lighting on a priority basis if your budget is a concern. For instance, the steps and walkways should be lit before other areas such as water features or statement pieces in the pool area. There needs to be enough light for people to get to and from the pool safely when it gets dark, after all, who doesn’t love a summertime night swim?

Some final tips to get the most out of your lighting

  1. Choose energy-efficient lights with extended longevity.
  2. Darker pools usually need more lighting than lighter ones.
  3. Make sure the light are bright enough to light your pool properly.
  4. Show everyone in the house how to use the lights.
  5. Turn on the lights each week to prevent moisture from getting inside.
  6. Keep your pool chemical levels balanced to avoid excessive wear on your lighting. Excessive chlorine or algae build-up can damage your lights prematurely.
  7. If you have halogen globes, turn them on daily and keep them running for around an hour. Not using them can damage the globes.
  8. Clean and replace your lights when needed to ensure they are working to their full potential.
  9. If you already have a pool, hire a professional to install your lighting for you.

Need help choosing your pool lights?

Lighting is an effective way to enhance the appeal and safety of your pool. We hope this post has given you the confidence to pick the perfect lighting for your pool, if not get in touch with our friendly team here at Plunge Pools Perth. We specialise in luxury plunge pools and can answer any questions you may have regarding pool lighting or pools in general. We are happy to help if we can.