Some decades back a swimming pool was a functional place meant for swimming. People didn’t give much thought to decorating a pool area. But times have changed. The pool has taken center stage. With the developments in technology, there are plenty of choices in terms of material, lighting, water features and landscaping. New products are entering the market and pool designing has undergone a huge transformation. Let’s look at some future trends in pool designing.


Lighting is essential for a pool area to make it safe. The arrival of LED lights has revolutionized pool lighting. LED lights are available in different colors. They can be programmed. LED lights are easy to install, and they last longer than halogen lights. They are energy efficient and reduce your energy expenses.

Floating lights are another new trend. These lights are available in different shapes and sizes. These lights are rechargeable and can be managed through your phone. They are waterproof, durable and eco-friendly.

Fibre optic lights are also gaining popularity for ambient lighting. Changing these bulbs is easy, and they do not produce any heat.

Pool Filtration

Traditionally chlorine was used to disinfect the pool water. Chlorine has side effects if added in excess. They can cause skin and eye irritation. There has been a rise in alternative methods of pool filtration. Saltwater, ultraviolet and mineral systems are fast gaining popularity among pool owners.

Saltwater chlorinators filter the pool by turning salt into chlorine. The water in saltwater pools is fresher and less harsh on the swimmer’s skin. Fibreglass pools work well with saltwater chlorinators. Saltwater pools work out cheaper in the long run since they require fewer chemicals and maintenance.

A mineral system infuses various minerals made up of sodium chloride, potassium chloride and potassium chloride into the pool to keep it clean. These systems are economical to install. These pools have soft, silky water.

UV pool sanitizers use strong light rays to destroy bacteria and algae. These pools require fewer chemicals for maintenance.

Pool color

For the longest time blue dominated the pool scene. But now people are waking up to the benefits of using dark colors for pools. Dark colors attract sunlight better and keep the water warm. This reduces heating costs. Dark colors successfully hide minute dust and debris. They also give a warm feeling to your backyard and work well with tropical and natural landscaping. People are experimenting with dark gray and black colored pools. Fibreglass pools are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Pool shapes

Traditionally a pool used to be rectangular or square. The other shapes like the L shape or hexagon were variations of the basic square or rectangle shape. But not anymore. Round pools are increasingly gaining in popularity. Round pools look trendy and inviting. Circular pools can add character to your backyard.

Compact pools

A lot of people built large pools and lived to regret it. Maintaining a large pool is difficult and expensive. This is the reason that compact pools are gaining in popularity. The other reason is shrinking backyards. Compact pools will allow you to incorporate other features like an outdoor kitchen and seating in your backyard. Compact pools are less expensive to heat and easier to maintain.

Adding a spa to your pool

The addition of a spa to the pool has plenty of health benefits. These hot tubs can be integrated into the middle of the swimming area or at the side of the pool. Having a hot tub in the middle of the swimming area allows you to move from hot to cold water without getting out of the pool.

Seating area near the pool

Having a seating area in the vicinity of the pool enable people to enjoy the pool area even when they are not swimming. Adirondack chairs, hammock, outdoor sofas, bistro sets and chaise lounges are emerging as a popular seating option in the pool area. A well-lit seating area turns the pool into a complete entertainment zone.

Pool automation

Pool maintenance is a time-consuming job. It involves monitoring water chemistry levels, adding chemicals, cleaning and brushing the pool. All these work can now be carried out through automation. There are a lot of innovative products in the field of pool automation.

There are systems that monitor your pool’s water chemistry levels and add necessary chemicals as per requirement. Then there are vacuum cleaners and robotic cleaners. The latest trend is the in-floor cleaning system or self-cleaning pool. Small fixtures are attached to the floor of the pool. These pop up automatically and direct the debris towards the drain. You can also choose a completely automated pool or the smart pool.

Many pool owners are building pools with automation systems. These can be incorporated into existing pools. The pool pump, lighting, cleaning and filtration can all be programmed through the automation system. These systems can be connected to your phone or computer. This system is getting more and more popular because it eases the process of pool maintenance.

Fire pits in the pool area

Adding a fire pit with a natural look in the pool area is emerging as a popular trend. Fire pits are available in various sizes and shapes. They can be made of different materials. They can be stationary or movable. Fire pits can also be constructed in the middle of the pool or in the seating area. They impart warmth to the pool. Burning herbs in the fire pit can give a fragrance in the pool area and also deter pests. Fire pits are made of concrete, wood or steel.

Seamless pool edges

Seamless pool edges look extremely stylish and neat. They can be made both for sydney concrete pools and sydney fibreglass pools. The designing can be a bit tricky and will need experienced pool builders. In this design, the pool builder creates the edge of the pool and the patio at the same level. Then small slits are created at the edge. These slits allow the water to overflow and recirculate. Circular pools with seamless edges are a winning combination.