A Fibreglass Swimming Pool in the backyard provides the perfect backdrop for entertaining, and just because winter has rolled around that doesn’t mean you should put your fun on hold. We have put together this post to share how you can have the perfect poolside get-together during the cooler months.

Consider a heating system for your pool

We know for many, swimming at this time of year isn’t going to happen however, before you eliminate the idea altogether, you should consider pool heating. It allows you to physically enjoy your pool rather than admiring it from the poolside. Heating can take your entertainment to the next level, and with a sustainable option such as solar, you can reduce your running costs to the absolute minimum. Before investing in a heating system for your pool, it’s best to do some homework first to establish which type is going to be best suited to your pool size and your swimming needs.

Outdoor heater

Outdoor heaters are a godsend at this time of year, especially when the sun starts to set. There are endless options to choose from, many can create a stunning feature in your entertaining area. The great thing about outdoor heaters is, you can control the intensity of the heat which means you can adjust it to suit the temperature at the time.

A fire pit

Fire pits are all the rage right now, and your design options are endless. They create a communal place where everyone can get together and catch up. Fire pits can be interactive too, everyone can grab some marshmallows and some sticks and toast them on the fire. Get yourself some comfortable seating, and you’ve got the perfect spot for entertaining. If you are looking for a more permanent fixture, consider a built-in fire pit, when executed well, it can enhance the aesthetics of your backyard and can add value to your home too.

Cosy blankets and seating

Comfortable seating is a must if you like entertaining and more so in winter. When the weather is warm, your guests are going to be swimming and walking around mingling with everyone. When the weather starts to cool down, people aren’t moving about as much as they normally would, they are trying to keep warm instead. Providing your guests with somewhere cosy to sit and some blankets ensure they are comfortable and can enjoy themselves into the night.

Splash out on a spa

While you can have heating for your pool, a spa can be heated to far higher temperatures, and it is the perfect place to kick back and relax with your guests while the warm water massages your tired and achy muscles. The best part? It can be used year-round in absolute comfort. They come in various seating capacities and are generally cheaper than a swimming pool to install.

Have tables and drink stands nearby

Cold drinks equal cold hands so ensure you have tables or stands where your guests can set their drinks down. This also allows your guests to stay warm under their blankets while they are having something to eat. Have some stubby coolers on standby too.


It gets darker earlier in the cooler months, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough lighting poolside for your guests to see what they are doing once the sun sets for the day. Lights are a great way to create ambience and set the tone for fun. Your lights can be anything from soft and subtle fairy string lights to disco lights and everything in between. Just make sure that the lights you choose are designed for use outdoors, otherwise, they’re not going to last, and they can become a safety hazard.

Pool lighting

Now that you’ve got your poolside lighting sorted, what about lighting for your pool? Pool lights will be used every month of the year – they create a stunning effect and they are a great way to show off your pool when it’s not in use. They can also create a sense of warmth in your backyard. Nowadays, pool lighting can be paired with smart technology so you can control all aspects from the convenience of your smart device which comes in handy when you have people over, the last thing you want to be doing is fussing over light settings in the pool area.

Serve warming foods

While salads are a hit in summer, they aren’t as comforting as warm foods in the winter. Be sure to include plenty of hot food options for your guests. Slow cooked meals are always a hit, and the best thing about slow-cooking food is you can organise it at the start of the day and when your guests arrive, all you have to do is serve it up which allows you to spend quality time with those you care about most rather than being in the kitchen. If you have a pizza oven, this can serve two purposes, the residual heat can keep your guests warm and it provides each person with a piping hot pizza customised to their liking.

Install a windbreak

To ensure your guests are getting the full warmth that is omitted from your heating option, it’s a good idea to install a windbreak. This will prevent the cold air from constantly cooling the area down. Windbreaks are good for many reasons, along with keeping out the cold and insulating warmth, they can reduce water evaporation from your pool significantly. Not having to top up your pool water all the time can save you money on your water bill, so they win, win!

Winter differs from the warmer months as there’s more to consider to ensure your guests are comfortable. In the summertime, your guests just have to rock up with their swimmers, and that’s virtually it, you don’t have to do much except have your tunes ready to go and some food for the BBQ. While winter entertaining does require a touch more planning, it doesn’t mean you have to put it on hold altogether. If you are considering a spa or swimming pool for your place, contact