There are many things that you can do to spruce up your swimming pool area. This can help improve the appearance of your pool. It also makes your pool more attractive, which is just what you want when you have a pool party. There are a number of Fibreglass Swimming Pool features that can be a great addition to your swimming pool area. One such feature is a fire pit. This is an attractive feature that can drastically improve the appearance of your pool area.

What is a fire pit and why spend on it?

Imagine a blazing fire near your pool area that provides light and heat. This is a great attraction that makes your pool parties stand out. The fire pit helps you do this. The fire pit, as the name suggests is a pit. The pit may be inside the ground or it may be placed in the form of a bowl. The pit would have the option to light a fire. This makes the fire pit an attractive feature, especially at night and during the winter months.

Now that you have understood what a fire pit is, you need to know the advantages of adding one. Should you spend money on getting a fire pit? Take a look at the advantages to help you decide:

  • A fire pit is a great feature to have when you have plan pool parties. It would be the cynosure of your pool party. You get light from the fire pit and it also provides an attraction that has to be experienced to enjoy. There is no doubt that a fire pit makes the pool party is a great entertainment option.
  • The ambience a fire pit offers makes it a great feature to add to your swimming pool.
  • Whether you are having a pool party or just using the pool at night, the fire pit provides light that makes it easy to use the pool at night.
  • The fire pit provides heat that would be great for a cold winter night. You can huddle around the fire pit for heat and have a great time. After a swim in the pool, sitting in front of the fire pit can be a great experience.
  • When you add a feature like a swimming pool, it changes the appearance of your backyard. This helps to increase the value of your home, which will be helpful in case you want to sell the home.
  • You can use the fire pit to cook, which is an extra benefit it offers.

What are the types of fire pits?

There are different types of fire pits available. You can choose from them depending on your requirements. The following explains the different options available:

  • Woodfire pits: Earlier, all fire pits were of the wood type. These pits resemble a campfire where you use wood to light the fire. This is easy and simple to have. However, smoke is more and sparks can fly around. Maintenance and cleaning is not so easy.
  • Gas-fuelled fire pits: One of the most common types of fire pits is the one fuelled by gas. You would need piping that provides natural gas or propanol to provide the gas for the fire. The reason why this type of pit is popular is that it does not cause sparks or produce a lot of smoke. Maintenance of the pit is also easy.
  • Fire bowl: A fire bowl is usually placed on a stand. The bowl-shaped pit looks attractive, which is why many people prefer it. The fire can be lit either through wood or using gas piping.

The fire pit types are also classified as in-ground and above the ground-based on how they are built.

  • In-ground fire pit: This type of fire pit is located inside the ground. The fire would burn at ground level or below the ground. This is the most common type. While it is easy to construct, there is the risk of pets and children coming near the fire.
  • Above-ground fire pit: This type of fire pit is built above the ground. The fire would burn at a height. It is usually enclosed within a barrier or can have a wall around it. This ensures greater safety.

Adding the fire pit

Now that you know all about fire pits, you would probably like to add one in your backyard. If so, there are certain things to keep in mind.

  • In most places, you will need approval from the local authorities before getting permission to add the fire pit. An inspection from the fire department and a certification may be required. Find out the laws applicable in your area and follow them to prevent problems.
  • The pit should not be too close to your home or to your neighbour’s backyard. Ideally, a ten feet gap is needed. You also need to ensure there are no structures or overlying tree branches near the fire.
  • If you want a fire pit that uses gas to run, you need to get the piping done. Ensure you have good quality pipes used to prevent leakage or any such problem.
  • If you use a wood fire pit, you need to keep a stock of wood. You also would need a shed or a place to store the wood.
  • Ensure you have a fire extinguisher in your backyard to be ready in case of any eventuality.
  • Decide on the type of fire pit based on the space availability in your backyard, your specific needs, and the budget you have.
  • Also, whenever you use the fire pit, do ensure you take safety precautions.
  • Never wear nylon clothes or any clothes that can catch fire when you go near the fire pit.
  • Strictly avoid using any liquid like kerosene to light the fire.
  • Make sure you prevent children and pets from coming near the fire pit.
  • Once you are done using the fire pit, ensure the ashes (in case of a wood pit) are disposed of properly.

If you have a pool in your home, add a fire pit to it to enhance the appearance of your backyard. You can contact a pool contractor or consultant to get more details of how to get the fire pit installed and the costs involved.