Both carpet cleaning and carpet restoration services are essential to keep carpets clean, fresh, and organized. However, both the services are not the same. There are several differences between these two services. In this blog, we are going to talk about each of these services and understand the difference between these two. Also, we will see if carpet repair, carpet patch repair, and carpet stretching comes under carpet restoration or cleaning services!

Carpet Restoration Services:

Carpet restoration, as the name denotes, helps to restore the original beauty of the carpet. In many cases, when moving to a new apartment or a home, the flooring is a lot older than you can think. Plus, it will be heavily spoiled from the spills, pets, pests, food and even may have water and fire damage. Replacing carpets is a costly option. Carpet restoration services can salvage your existing carpet and add new life to it. Plus, it is quicker and cost-effective than installing new flooring.

There are few cases in which the carpet is heavily stained, and salvaging would not be possible. Mould growth, sewage water damage, and fire can deteriorate the quality of the flooring. In most scenarios, carpeting can be restored, but the damage caused by mould and water is severe, and restoring may not be the best option. Hence, it is advisable to replace the flooring immediately to avert possible health issues.

Some popular carpet restoration service includes carpet stretching, carpet patching, wet carpet restoration, carpet repair Perth, etc. Let’s discuss each in brief.

Carpet Patch Repair:

Carpet patching is one of the economical carpet restoration techniques used by professional carpet repair Perth technicians. Any damaged section in the flooring can be salvaged using the carpet patch repair method.

Carpet Stretching:

Restretching helps to keep carpet flat over the surface. With time, the carpet may develop wrinkles or start bulging up over the edges. Hence, experts use this technique to smooth out carpeting.

Wet Carpet Restoration:

Water is one of the nemeses of carpets. It can cause permanent damage. If your carpet is severely affected by water, you should consider professional wet carpet restoration. Professional carpet repair Perth technicians use dehumidifiers and high-speed fans to extract moisture from the carpets.

Carpet Cleaning:

Over time, dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens are trapped within the carpet fibers. This collection of detritus can make the carpet dirty and unsafe. Apart from that, flooring is also affected by unwanted liquid spills (tea, coffee, wine), blood and pet urine. Unclean and dirty carpet make the living environment unhealthy and annoying. To keep the carpeting free from dust, proper and regular cleaning is essential. Carpet cleaning is categorised into different types such as dusting, vacuuming, steam cleaning, etc. Let us learn about each in brief.

Dusting and Vacuuming 

Vacuuming is one of the most common cleaning processes suggested by cleaning experts in Perth. It helps in removing loose debris and dirt from the flooring. Vacuuming is widely practiced for domestic cleaning purposes. Further, if you do not have a vacuum, you can consider dusting. However, dusting is not the best method to clean curtains, as it does not extract dirt from the spot. If you plan to dust, all you need is a clean cloth. Gently rub it on the surface to clean it.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a seamless and eco-friendly cleaning process. Professionals use this technique to clean carpets at both commercial and residential places. Stains and spills can create ugly spots that are hard to clean using home remedies. Steam cleaning helps remove tough spots and deeply cleans the flooring.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning keeps your flooring look and feel fresh. Floors in the house are often neglected or overlooked. Plus, they are casually vacuumed or cleaned using store-bought floor cleaners. This kind of negligence can lead to the build-up of dirt or mould growth from the moisture. Having a scheduled carpet cleaning ensures that your flooring is fresh, comfortable, and free from the build-up of mould.

Carpet restoration services and carpet cleaning services both are essential to restore your carpet to its original condition. Plus, experts suggest dusting and vacuuming at regular intervals to avoid severe damage. Also, you can get in touch with expert carpet repair Perth professionals once a year to ensure that the carpets stay in good condition.