Home Office

An organized and clutter-free home office is essential if you are a work-from-home employee. You’ll be surprised how much a disorganized workspace affects the quality of your work as well as your motivation and focus on accomplishing work. With that said, here are eight simple ways you can start to keep a more organized and clutter-free home office.

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Clear the Cables

Your home office will have all sorts of electronic equipment around. From your computer to other office equipment, you’re most likely dealing with a lot of wires. Having that many wires slithered around your home office floor can make your home office look cluttered. At the same time, these cables and wires can be a tripping hazard, and you can be more prone to accidents with these wires.

With that in mind, cable management is one great way to ensure that your home office looks as organized and clutter-free as possible. You can use cable organizers and cable boxes to start. Clearing cables can take a bit of time, but you won’t be able to stop admiring your handiwork once you do it. Make sure that you label all the cables. That way, you know which ones lead to which.

Clean Up After Yourself

No other cleaning hack does better than elbow grease and getting down and dirty to clean up after yourself. Since you’re in the home office, you might be more lenient regarding specific cleanliness rules. For example, you might feel more comfortable leaving food wrappers or used mugs on your office desk.

Don’t allow yourself that leniency, and learn to clean up after yourself. At the end of every workday, make sure that you do a quick scan of your workspace and pick it up after yourself. Wash those dirty mugs and throw away any food wrappers and the like around the home office.

Install a Wall of Cabinets

You might be having a more challenging time keeping your home office organized and free of clutter because you don’t have enough storage items in your home office. If you can, try and install a wall of cabinets to have the space where you can put certain things and tuck them away.

There are plenty of attractive cabinets that can make your home office look better while tucking away some office items. Don’t forget to keep your most frequently used items in more easy-to-access cabinets and the ones you don’t use as often somewhere farther away.

Set Up a Filing System

Some of the documents that you have don’t need to be by your desk at all times. Therefore, investing in a filing cabinet and developing a filing system requires learning to do. You have to establish a filing system first before you start using a filing cabinet so that you’re able to recall where you’ve put certain items.

Also, make sure that you separate documents you use for your work and the other documents unrelated to your work. A filing system makes it easier for you to look for the documents you need once you’ve stored them away.

Use a Desk Tray

You’re going to place all sorts of items on your desk related to the work you need to do or for your convenience. If you have a desk with no cabinets, you might want to invest or get yourself a desk tray.

Instead of willy-nilly placing things on your work desk, the desk tray can be a designated spot for the items you’re going to put on your desk. That way, these items aren’t in your way when you’re trying to work, and they make your desk look more organized.

Digitize Your Documents

When you come into a room with all sorts of stacks of paper on various surfaces, it feels like that room is crowded and messy, even if it’s not that messy. That’s why according to Maid Sailors commercial cleaning service New York, people should pay more attention to how they organize their paperwork.

Digitizing as many of your documents as possible can help you reduce the paper clutter around your home office. Aside from that, it’s a lot easier to organize digitized documents. You can also access them anywhere at any time if you digitize them.

Reducing the amount of paper lying around the home office also makes that room less of a fire hazard since there isn’t much flammable material lying around.

Create a Pending Bin

Some work processes will have to be on pause because you’re waiting on someone. For these work projects, you should have a dedicated pending bin or folder so that these documents aren’t in your way and cluttering up important workspaces. Plus, they won’t remind you all the time that you’re waiting on someone, which can make you impatient.

Use a Label Maker

Label makers are an excellent tool for helping you be more organized in your home office and beyond. If you have plenty of storage containers around the home office that look the same, labels can help you distinguish the contents of these containers without having to root through them and causing a mess.

A label maker is a lot easier than having to remember what these containers have inside them. Plus, you can always change the labels if there ever comes a need to update them.

Any home office will benefit from these organization and cleaning tips. By applying these tips to your home office, you’ll find that you’re motivated and more excited to return to work in your home office, so try these out for yourself.