House rendering is the process of having a versatile and unique-looking exterior design for your house using cladding. In this article, we will see discuss about the renderer and check if it is worth spending money on it.

Using cladding of unique quality and designs you can find different varieties for your property with an alternative cladding on your old or new house and find the best cost efficiency while decorating your house. Now there are different types of renders available. On one hand, you have the traditional lime renders that can help with the old fabric of your homes to breathe in. There are also this more modern mono-couches renders with a unique crisp finish for a revamped home look.

While having so many varieties is no doubt an advantage for you but on the other hand, it may also get one easily confused especially when they are new to the world of rendering.

There are lots of things to ask from your renderer or interior designer such as the type of render to use and whether or not this can be implemented along with external insulation. Even the mode of application may vary.

So if you want to get to know about all these then you have come to the right place.

Is it worth having house renders?

When you think of rendering for your house it is pretty much like having a new coat of plaster that is applied to the internal walls. You would mainly want to have your house rendered for two primary reasons –

  • One of the main reasons is that you want to protect the internal walls of your home from the harsh outside weather such as heat, snow, humidity, and rainfall.
  • The other main reason is to get an attractive look at your house. Choosing simply for the aesthetic value is one of the prime reasons. You can find a simple texture, and this can be applied in virtually a color that you prefer by mixing different colors and getting the exact shade that matches the décor of your house and the looks that you want to achieve.

While you are decorating your house it will also work to protect the interior walls from damage. Most house renderer use acrylic rendering is more common to make your rooms more energy efficient while also adding to the durability of the walls.

How cost efficient is the renderer process?

Well, to be frank, it surely is not cheap. Especially if you have a large home and want the rendering to be done on all the room walls. The larger your property the more it would cost. As we have already highlighted that there are different types of rendering qualities available and the better versions with more advanced protective properties with a nice cool look are sure to cost more.


We suggest that you speak and have a discussion with your interior house decorator or hiring a professional renderer on finding just the right standard prices and avoid buying the cheap ones as they are not durable, and you might have to service or repair them every few years. Take a note of the fact that this is certainly a possibility with the cement renders. These will tend to crack out and may also dampen over time if water or moisture penetrates under the cracks. The moisture will soon start to spread causing more damage to the rendering. If you check out the latest trend, then you will find out that the traditional rendering is getting popular among the renovators for period houses.